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Empowering you and your team to Lead from a place of confidence and flow.

Build Awareness


​Once you see it, you can't unsee it. There is no development without awareness.

Once you are aware of what you want and what internal and external obstacles are getting in your way, you will have true choice and you will take challenges in stride. ...

Ride the Wave


Simply put, we are often sailing in stormy weather. 

If words such as Innovation, Action, Discovery and Balance strike a chord, check out how we can help you find the best surf-board to ride your wave. ...

Leadership Coaching


We all need to confront ourselves with the world to lead.

Never as today did it become crucial to listen to the wise messages of our body, to pay attention to our instincts, to connect our work with our heart and mind. ...


Our goal at Ride The Wave is to help you find the right solutions to boost your business and your team in a sustainable way.

Our coaches will co-design a path towards your goals and those of your business and help you choose the best surf-board to ride your waves, be it interactive training sessions, individual coaching or other approaches.


What challenges are you facing?


"Discovering the world of coaching and facilitation of working groups re-educated me to work in a team and taught me techniques that helped me identify innovative solutions through structured discussions and idea-sharing."

Federica Benatti, Renovation Architect

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