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Renzo Provedel

Hi! I’m Renzo Provedel


I’m a Strategy mapper + Innovation Architect.


That’s a way of saying that I help Management Team of organizations and their leaders to unfetter their ideas and insights, to be shared within their circle and with compliant networks outside, the “eco-system of business”, the leverage to create the future, instead of predicting it.


I love ideas-generation and the tools which enable this un-tanglement which means a new format of interaction and involvement, letting people work with an open mind and collaborative setting.


I love the spiral of innovation which starts from a good idea, becomes strong through problem solving, and ends up as a successful idea on the marketplace, because satisfies the needs, which are often hidden needs…the capability to see the invisible is the key.


Listening, coaching, inspiring you. I am a partner who shares the passion of creating value in products & services and coaches clients to a conscioussness level to trigger their personal development and the joy of transformation.


The recipe of strategy mapping includes:

  • insights and inspirations: preparing a journey into the future, as a team and as a compliant network, to create the future;

  • diagnosis: starting from the current situation to become aware of inside obstacles, personal and organizational, and then to imagine and act as natural improvers;

  • Scenario analyses and planning: developing an understanding of the environment, in order to design a flexible plan, including risks and people-engagement.

You might want to know about me looking into my professional development:


Innovation is my passion - I love my work as facilitator of innovation, which I do in a variety of roles:

  • broker of innovation supporting NineSigma, a partner and a global company leader in the field of Open Innovation;

  • supporter of innovation of innovation processes, through the proprietary methodology “Innov-Action”, co-developed with the School of COAching-SCOA;

  • designer of innovative supply chains in Logistics, including the opportunities of new fuels-use and intermodality;

  • start-upper in the field of VOIP technology, having co-founded Pointercom, one of the first companies in Italy developing voice&video applications for large carriers and corporations;


My managerial career – I was a top manager for more than twenty years in large multinational corporations. My experience in these roles allowed me to create a deep understanding of management issues and challenges. I was responsible of ICT governance at a corporate level, of worldwide logistics in a components business, of plant automation and information systems. I handled both staff and line responsibilities. The main companies I worked at are: Fiat Group, Iveco Group, Ilva steel group.


My entrepreneurial career – My beginning was as an “intrapreneur“, founder of one of the first and largest telecommunication companies in the 1990s in Italy, delivering services which integrated voice and data transmission at a national level. The business was based on a complete redesign of the existing separate networks of the mother company: 20 computer farms were connected, with more than 10.000 users.


Then I founded FareImpresa (translated: "Do Business") so to exploit my knowlede in ICT and nurture the industry digitalization of “old economy” sectors.

It has been a long journey which allowed me to work with large companies and pubblic organizations, with the following project goals:

  • redesign information systems through strategy analysys and planning;

  • propose new organizational structures for their ICT departments;

  • analyze scenarios relevant to the seeker's commitment: ICT, Open Innovation of the Public Administration; Logistics;

  • diagnose the current status of Information Systems in order to generate a new plan: done for pension funds and a variety of industries;

  • improve innovation processes: regenerate the processes of innovation with our unique Innov-Action approach: done for large food multinational companies;

  • help companies find technological solutions for innovation: developing business for our partner NineSigma, a global leader in open innovation services. The is no need to re-invent the wheel each time: the solutions to your challenges are already there, somewhere in the world.


My digital and social media experience  I had the fantastic opportunity to develop this special expertise thanks to a large community of Italian freelance engineers and architects - there are 175.000 in Italy -  whose official pension fund asked me to create an innovative tool to help them connect and improve their revenues.

I thus developed and currently manage a network of over 7.600 people, who discuss current issue and meet up to do business and collaborate.

In the last five years, we launched many different projects including the following:

  • creativity roundtables: to identify needs and generate ideas to develop business;

  • incubator of startups supporting eleven projects: some were successful and created new activities in the fields of security in construction, urban regeneration and associations to win tenders;

  • internationalization projects: we aggregated a number of motivated professionals to create innovative offers for internationalization to a targeted country and market.


Master in Coaching –  my trigger was when I gained awareness that innovation is made by people, and that technology is a key driver, which has to be managed carefully. After two years of study, practitioning and reflections, I now use coaching tools such as active listening, feedback stimulation, enlarging creativity toolmongery, transformational journeys, coach2coachee interactions, value added project coaching and many others. I apply a coaching approach all my professional activities because it gives a special energy and value to my partner’s and client’s assets.


The point I want to make is that you are the key to your future. You can build instead of forecasting. Your management team can be nurtured to become more and more pro-active and engaged. 


P.S. If you want a head start, book a call with me and we will take it from there.

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