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Whatever happens, there is one big Truth.
When you open our eyes, they are open for good.
When you open your eyes, the shadows lift.
When you open your eyes, there is no turning back.
What was invisible will become Clear.
and Change will be inevitable.
A small, hard-working coaching and innovation company based in London, committed to helping you find your success in a sustainable way. We offer joy coaching, business coaching, new-format communication styles and innovation strategy consultancy. Most importantly, we focus on your needs and your goals. Together.
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Eva Provedel
Leadership Coach 

Communication Trainer
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You can contact me at

Feel free to add me on Skype: eva.provedel

Phone: 07784 781188


Renzo Provedel
Strategy Mapper
Innovation Architect
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You can contact me at

You can add me on Skype: proved01

Please email first.

We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and achieve them.

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Awareness and Action


Collaboration has never been so necessary for survival as it is today. With a population running towards 9 billion, we need to find ways to work and live together effectively, ways to share knowledge without "re-inventing the wheel", ways to accept and integrate diversity, ways to apply solutions that are mutually beneficial, and ways to adapt to our fast-changing world.

This can be achieved through experience and focused choices that lead to Action and Change. Change doesn't have to 'happen to you', Change is something you can actively create through team effort, laser-focused goals, deep self-awareness, powerful communication, and through the constant practice of ownership, responsibility and empathy. Together.

Resilience and Balance


In a world where everything is moving faster and it is imperative to keep up with rapid speeds and peak performances, we see a strong desire and shift towards a slower and healthier lifestyle, that allows the pace of life to be integrated with the pace of work. A lifestyle that can be joyful.

Jobs and roles are also less defined than in the past. More and more people have a multi-cultural background and a horizontal set of skill. The marketplace requires flexibility and deep knowledge at the same time. At the same time, people want to maintain and create more balance in their lives.

We help busy managers and professionals find their mojo, maintain resilience and integrate their goals and aspirations with a healthy work-life balance.

Unlock Your Superpowers


We guide professional teams and organisations to achieve results and find winning strategies through a culture of collaboration and sharing that leads to the generation of new concepts and ideas.

We help individuals, professionals and groups uncover their own, unique paths towards a successful and gratifying life and career. The path is already there, you just need to recognise it.

We advise on innovation strategies for the improvement of innovation processes, as well as facilitate the application of coaching methodologies focused on innovation teams.

We CARE for wellbeing and resilience, and offer training sessions for teams that include high-energy exercises, mindfulness and the practice of powerful techniques to apply at work.

We help you see your opportunities and unlock your own Super Powers.

We are your Coach, Facilitator, and Guide towards your goals.

We are your Observation Lens, your trusted Mirror, your Magnifying Glass.

Challenging Stereotypes

Diversity is at the heart creativity and innovation. Different genders, races, backgrounds and viewpoints play a pivotal role in companies and organisations that want to succeed. We also help individuals recognise and leverage their personal and professional qualities: what is most unique and valuable about them.

We strongly believe that different points of view, experiences and backgrounds, united towards a common goal, unleash high-value creativity and great management. However, there are still strong stereotypes that undermine success.

"Thinking out of the box" is not an innate quality, it requires individual and systemic openness which needs to be built through the constant practice of mutual respect, healthy interactions with peers, and by swiftly recognising and challenging biased and inappropriate behaviour. 

We help individuals and companies create an open, welcoming culture, through training, coaching and every-day best practices.

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