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Leadership coaching is about empowering you to lead from a place of confidence and flow.


We help you achieve your personal and professional goals, as you grow and develop your skills.


This is for you if you are ready to invest in yourself to make a transformational leap.


Learn more about Leadership Coaching HERE.


Our consulting and coaching services focus on helping you define your needs and improve your innovation processes, moving towards new goals and solutions.

We use a unique methodology called Innov-Action, based on three crucial steps and a virtuous cycle: 




We work on strategy, marketing and technology across all industries and geographies. We bring knowledge of Open Innovation processes through our experience on the field. We believe that it is crucial for teams to learn how to communicate and work together effectively in order to achieve successful results.


We have the unique experience of a fully functional professional social network that has engaged thousands of professionals towards new business goals, including internationalization.

We have opened new possibilities to those who want to engage large groups effectively to produce new solutions, ideas and business plans.


Our experience involves innovative tools of crowd-sourcing and matching, as well as deep knowledge of how social networks really function and how they need to be managed. We provide additional advice on management, net-etiquette, risks and opportunities of nowadays social networking tools. 


Riding the wave means being able to surf life's day-to-day challenges towards your goals, in a complex and fast-changing environment. It is easy for our clients to be stressed out and to have a difficult time building resilience and a healthy work-life balance.  

Our approach based on coaching, training and joy practices, such as laughter and breathing, helps you lead a sustainable life while focusing on your goals.


We help you find your own route to success, and define what success means to you. Motivation and clarity are just as important as sustainability and resilience. We provide effective, interactive, practical tools to help you focus and stay positive. 

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